The design process is a cornerstone at LandForm Partners. Each project begins with the thoughtful integration of client input, site analysis, conceptual narratives, and the full attention of our creative team. Every project is unique, and every landscape has its strengths which are revealed through the lens of balance, rhythm, color, spatial relationships and scale.

We make a thorough assessment of views, screening, sun/shade patterns, drainage, circulation, parking, vegetation, lighting, outdoor rooms, microclimates, and other opportunities or restraints. All of these factors are weighed against building codes, budget, phasing, and the design intent of the project.


A collaborative effort between the LandForm design team and our clients. The final plan showcases a vision and the elements to completely transform any property.

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Design is an iterative process overlaying ideas on your properties basemap. These quick sketches help evolve concepts into articulated ideas ready to explore.



These simple line drawings convey core ideas without getting overly detailed. These drawings serve as the blueprint for final plans and construction documents.